Astronomical Centre Rijeka

Schedule for June 2022

Schedule for June 2022

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Schedule - June 2022


Tuesday Wednesday










Matinee for children:

Live show:

Story about Stars (4+)






Beyond the Sun (6+)

Live show:

Our Star - the Sun (6+)


Planets in Sight (11+)


Dinosaurus at Dusk



Starry Nights:

Film: Planets in Sight + Losing the Dark

+ Night Sky orientation





Touching the Edge of the Universe (11+)



NEW Live show:

Life in Orbit (10+)

Live show:

Guide to the night sky - 

spring/summer (11+)

22.00 Observatory Observatory     Observatory

Extraordinary program

  • 1. june - on the occasion of the Festival Fiumare - Sea of Stars: adventures between stars, planets and seas.
  • 8. june - International ocean day: 13,00h film in the planetarium + play "Space swimmers".
  • 21. june - "Music to the stars"- a night of french culture on the occasion of the Days of Francophonie in Rijeka: 20,00h film "Vibrato" and orientation of the night sky; 21,00h concert of the duo "Moi plus toi" Dragan Jungić and Jennifer Lazarić Jungić.
  • 30. june - International asteroids day: 19,00h Search for comets (planetarium); 20,00h Small bodies of Solar system (planetarium); 21,00h Threat and seed of life (lecture); 22,00h Search of space treasures (observatory).

Program for organized groups

Organized groups (schools, kindergartens, tourists, etc.) - on appointment (films, live presentation, observatory).


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