People with Disabilities

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Rijeka sport d.o.o. manages sports and commercial facilities, whose architecture and construction fully comply with modern standards.

Athletic Hall Kantrida

2 parking places for persons with limited movement next to the hall entrance (western entrance). 

  • Elevators for persons with limited movement on the ground floor – 2 elevators next to the hall.
  • Toilets for persons with limited movement on the ground floor - 2 toilets next to the gym.
  • A toilet for persons with limited movement on the ground floor of the athletic club.
  • 1 parking place which is accessible by various means of transportation (van or the like), next to the hall entrance, designated for persons with impaired movement.
  • Changing rooms and toilets for persons with limited movement. 

Astronomical Centre Rijeka

Persons with limited movement can reach all premises of the Astronomy Centre, apart from the panoramic terrace and the observatory, by elevator.

  • There is enough space within the observatory for 2 to 4 wheel chairs
  • In the large hall and in other halls, space can be provided if necessary 

Centre Zamet

 The premises of the Centre Zamet are disabled-friendly. All spaces including toilets are easily accessible both for the visitors and the sportsmen. 

  • Disabled persons can easily reach all halls and commercial contents of the Centre Zamet
  • Elevators connect garage with the outdoor square and the commercial contents on the first floor, whereas the hall can be reached both from the ground floor and from the first floor. The hall on the second floor can be reached by the elevator from the garage or from the ground floor. 
  • 28 places in the audience are designated to the disabled visitors. 

Swimming Pools Kantrida

  • Garage: Persons with impaired movement can access the Kantrida swimming pools through the public garage Rijeka, where 8 parking places are designated specifically for the disabled. Swimming pools can be reached from the square via elevators equipped with Braille buttons.  
  • On the main entrance level is a reception and changing rooms with sanitary facilities suitable for the disabled.
  • The Olympic pool 1 (an indoor pool), the 25m pool and the children’s pool can be reached from the dressing rooms by an elevator which is suitable for the disabled. Special ramps and lifting platforms can be used to reach the Olympic Swimming Pool 2 (an outdoor pool) and the diving pool, so there are no obstacles for the disabled whatsoever. 
  • Special markings along the floors serve for better orientation of the blind and persons with impaired vision. There are white and yellow stripes leading in different directions. They differ from the surrounding floor not only by their color but also by surface texture, making it easier for the persons with impaired vision to find their way around the premises.
  • The Swimming Pools Kantrida are equipped with fix and mobile elevators for disabled persons, which help them enter and exit the pool more easily. If necessary, elevators can be moved from one swimming pool to the other. The staff at the Kantrida Swimmingpools is trained to handle the elevators and will be glad to assist persons with disabilities at any time.
    In the audience are specially marked places for persons in wheel chair. Nearby, there is a toilette suitable for the  disabled. 
  • Persons with disabilities can reach the beach Ploče by outside platforms. There is a special area where they can enjoy the sunshine and a wheelchair ramp allowing them to enter the sea more easily.
  • The swimming club Forca and the Parents' Association of Children with Disabilities Sunce, organize trainings for persons with disabilities on regular basis. 

In this way, persons with impaired movement can use the swimming pool complex every day and at the same time, high profile swimming competitions can be organized at a national level.

The Swimming Pool Complex Kantrida has received a special international award, which speaks of its quality and functionality.

This special acknowledgement (IPC Distinction) for objects adapted to persons with disabilities was awarded to the complex by the International Paralympics Committee.

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