Astronomical Centre Rijeka

Astronomical Classrooms

  • Experience: show (presentation) at the digital planetarium
  • Duration: 

The visitors will learn the difference between the observatory and planetarium as well as their development through history. Also the biggest world telescopes and planetariums will be presented, observatories' discoveries and unique world of planetariums.

Discover how planetariums turned into a space theaters form mechanical models of the Solar System. Its appearance, use and role changed through time from simple astronomical tool to educational digital planetarium theaters. Dome of the planetarium is used as a artificial sky, interactive education on astronomy, night sky and celestial objects, news in Space exploration and related sciences.

The dome of the observatory is protecting the basic tool - telescope. The development of the telescope mark the use of the observatory from exploring and scientific facility, located in a distant areas, far away from the artificial lighting, to observatory in the cities used for education and making the stargazing popular. The audience will hear about significant observatories in the world and Croatia, about the appearance of the observatory prior to discovery of the telescope. It will be presented different types of the telescopes, the ones which can be on Earth and in Space and which don't need a protective dome.

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