Astronomical Centre Rijeka

From the Earth to the Universe

  • Experience: expert-guided projection
  • Duration:
  • Audience: adults

The live planetarium show FROM THE EARTH TO THE UNIVERSE is dedicated to the space explorations with artificial intelligence and technology: through this presentation the public gets acquainted with the very beginnings of thinking about the human conquest of the universe with artificial technology. We will find out more about the first artificial satellites that were launched and placed into orbit around the Earth, the types of Earth orbits and artificial satellites and their significance for human life. We will get the answers to the questions about the purpose of building manned and unmanned space stations orbiting the Earth as well as the importance of the artificial intelligence and technology in discovering the universe; the ways to send robotic spacecraft into space that study other planets and other objects of the Solar System. Eventually we leave the cradle of humanity and embark on a "spaceship" to explore our "city of star" - the Milky Way.

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