Astronomical Centre Rijeka

Searching for Comets

  • Experience: expert-guided interactive presentation
  • Duration: 

This interactive presentation, shown at digital planetarium, starts with the story about famous French astronomer from 18th century, Charless Messier who was studying and discovering comets. 

At that time, the astronomers could have easily mistook comets for nebula because they seem immobile in comparison to the stars. That was the reason Charless Messier started making a catalog which today counts 110 objects that were ironicaly in his way of discovering comets. Their nature was studied better later, in 20th century.

During presentation, shown at the dome with 8 meters diameter, visitors will experience beauty and learn about specificity of particular celestial object. Educated lecturers will explain how and which instruments to use to observe those objects and when is the best time to spot them. In the end, visitors will participate in amateur observing competition, Messier's marathon, which is held regularly each year all over the globe. Lecturers will also encourage everybody to become explorers of Messier's object. How? It's up to you to find out.

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