Athletic Hall Kantrida

About the Venue

About the Venue

Athletic Hall Kantrida was inaugurated in May 2010. It is mainly intended for professional trainings by the athletes and organisation of the indoor athletic competitions, as well as other sport and leisure activities such as handball, basketball, indoor soccer, aerobics, dance, tennis, badminton and the like. It is equipped with 12 metres high artificial climbing wall. 

This newly built sports complex consists of a sports hall with telescopic tribunes, the administration building, connected by the so called „hot bridge” and additional rooms. It is equipped with one of the highest indoor artificial climbing walls in Croatia and includes a fitness center and a meeting room, also suitable for holding seminars and lectures and a coffee bar. A tartan floor, which continues on the bridge and the outdoor terrace of the coffee bar represents a special feature of the sports hall. 

The building is also suitable for people with disabilities.

The Kantrida Sports Hall is unique for its architecture. Its roof is a combination of cobbles and ceramics which represent the movement and glittering of the sea that can be observed over the roof from the Istarska Street towards the Bay of Kvarner.

The greatest sports event held at the Sports Hall so far is the Croatian Championship in Athletics, which took place in January 2011 in the Senior Athletes Hall. For the first time in the history, this most important indoor athletics competition in Croatia was held outside Zagreb.  

The Kantrida Sports Hall is located in immediate vicinity of the Kantrida Stadium, at 50 metres distance from the sea. Only 500 m towards the east, in direction of the city center is a sports and leisure complex 3. maj, and some 200 metres to the west the Kantrida Swimming Pools complex. 

Visitors of the Kantrida Sports Hall can use free Internet access.

The Sports Hall is connected with the city center by bus line number 1.

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