Centre Zamet

Sports Hall

Sports Hall

Thanks to the system of telescopic stands, the floor of the indoor sports hall can be transformed into two parallel handball courts, divided by a sliding screen. The hall has been designed for major international sports competitions, in compliance with state-of the-art world sports standards and the floor of the hall has been devised according to the FIBA certificate.

The hall is equipped both for professional training and competitions, but is easily adaptable to various needs, such as concerts, fairs and conferences. Choice of materials, wood and acoustic panels, suggests that this is a large living room for the athletes. 

  • The sports hall surface with retracted seating: 2.280 m² (48 x 47,5 m)
  • The sports hall surface with open seating: 1.350 m²
  • The sports hall surface with one open tribune: 1.850 m²
  • The main tribunes include 2.198 seats, of which 230 can be used even when the telescopic seating is retracted, whereas 23 seats are reserved for persons with disabilities)
  • VIP stands: 128 seats


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