Swimming Pools Kantrida

Olympic Pool 1 (indoor swimming pool)

Olympic Pool 1 (indoor swimming pool)

Size: 25 x 50 x 2.2 to 2.25m deep
Water temperature: 27ºC
Air temperature: 28ºC (can vary if the roof is open)

As the Olympic pool 1 (indoor swimming pool) is the largest pool (10 lanes) meeting all standards for hosting major sporting events and competitions, numerous local, national and international championships have been held there.

The particularity of the indoor swimming pool is its retractable roof that provides a startling view of the Kvarner Bay. Its stands can seat 770 spectators, whereas additional 616 seats can be obtained by installing the platform assembly. In the central part of the tribunes are ten journalists' seats providing for high-quality reporting.

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