Swimming Pools Kantrida

Olympic Pool 2 (outdoor swimming pool)

Olympic Pool 2 (outdoor swimming pool)

Size: 25 x 50 x 1.95 (2m along the edge)
Water temperature: 27ºC
Air temperature: 28ºC (can vary in summer/winter)

The pool was built in 1972 and it is the core of today’s complex. In 2008, it was thoroughly reconstructed and integrated in the new Kantrida Swimming Pools complex. The reconstruction of the stands around the outdoor swimming pool was completed in 2011. During the reconstruction works, the stands were partly covered, a VIP lounge and a press box were constructed. The stands hold 980 seats whereas additional seats can be obtained by moving the adjustable stands across the sun-deck. 

Open in summer and covered by a dome in winter, this pool meets all current requirements for Olympic pools and competitions organized by LEN, the governing body of the European Swimming Federations.

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