Swimming Pools Kantrida

Rules of Conduct

Before using the pools, the visitors must first register at the reception desk; the instructions about the use and the arrangements of the pool facility will be given there. An electronic bracelet will also be given; it enables the access to various rooms for the visitors. Before departure, the bracelet must be returned at the reception desk. The charge for the lost bracelet is 100,00 HRK.

Shower and going through the footbath is obligatory for all visitors before approaching the pool area.

Swimming cap is obligatory for people with long hair; it can be collected at the reception desk.

No footwear is allowed in the swimming pool area. During sports ceremonies or official visits, shoe covers are obligatory for all the visitors.

In order to maintain hygiene and ensure safety for all the users, in the swimming pools area it is

  •   forbidden to:
    - smoke (applies to the whole area)
    - approach the pools in a drunken state
    - for non-swimmers to use the pools, unless they are accompanied in the swimming pool for non-swimmers
    - bring glass objects or other fragile objects
    - bring pets
    - eat food on the surface around the pools or at the bleacher seats
    - change or leave clothes at the bleacher seats
    - run through the dressing rooms or on the surface surrounding the pools
    - jump into water, dive, play with a ball, use swimming pool equipment, or bring any kind of objects, unless specifically approved by the staff
    - wear an inappropriate swimming suit
    - enter the pools with open or infected wounds
    - leave the swimming pool area and then come back


  • allowed to:
    - take photographs and make video recordings, with the permission of the staff, administration or the organizer of the event

Organized groups must have a group leader, instructor or trainer, who will take responsibility and has the following obligations:

  • to meet all the members of the group at the reception desk
  • at the reception desk getting a plan with arrangements for the use of dressing rooms and swimming pools for the group as well as to lead the group to the dressing rooms and to the swimming area
  • to ensure order and discipline within the group and warn the group members to behave according to the rules of conduct
  • to communicate in the name of the group with the staff of the Swimming Pools Kantrida
  • to lead the group back to the reception desk at the end of the visit and to check out

During the training, only professional swimmers and their trainers, also while wearing sports equipment, are allowed to approach the swimming pools area; all the other people attending the training are kindly asked to remain at the bleacher seats.

It would be the best if you wouldn't bring any valuables; the Administration of the pool will not take responsibility for any loss or damage.

All visitors must follow the instructions given by the staff; in case of ignoring the instructions, visitors will be asked to leave the facility.

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