Astronomical Centre Rijeka

Planetarium Shows

Regular program is in Croatian language. See the schedule.

For Larger Groups

For the group of visitors larger than 8 people who wish to see the film in another language, it is necessary you contact us to make an appointment

Interactive (Live) Presentations


Back to the Moon - For Good

hrvatski, engleski, francuski

Beyond the Sun

hrvatski, engleski, ruski

Dinosaurs at Dusk

hrvatski, engleski, njemački, kineski

From Earth to the Universe

hrvatski, bugarski, češki, engleski, francuski, grčki, kineski, korejski, mađarski, mandarinski, nizozemski, njemački, poljski, rumunjski, ruski, slovački, španjolski (kastiljski), švedski, talijanski

Kaluoka'hina, The Enchanted Reef

hrvatski, engleski, njemački, francuski, ruski, španjolski

Mission: Mars

hrvatski, engleski

Planets in Sight

hrvatski, engleski

Race to Earth

hrvatski, talijanski

Realm of Light

hrvatski, engleski, njemački, francuski, ruski, španjolski, talijanski

SEEING! A Photon's Journey Across Space, Time and Mind

hrvatski, engleski

The Little Star That Could

hrvatski, engleski, francuski, njemački, poljski, španjolski

Touching the Edge of the Universe

hrvatski, engleski

Two Small Pieces of Glass

hrvatski, engleski


hrvatski, francuski

Shows by Audience Age

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